Writing: What are you doing this weekend?

Yesterday, we listened to Carmen and Sabina‘s plans for the weekend.

Now, think about your own plans.  What are you going to do on Saturday?  What about Sunday?

Write your plans for this weekend. 

Use Present Continuous:
(subject + to be + verb-ing + other information)

For example:

  • On Saturday, I’m watching movies with my brother. 
  • On Sunday, I’m going grocery shopping and then cooking.

Type your plans in the comments. 

Remember, do not write your last name.


4 thoughts on “Writing: What are you doing this weekend?

    • Great work forming Present Continuous!

      I’m working on the computer right now, but tomorrow I’m playing on the computer like you!

    • (sent Saturday, not sure why it didn’t post then!)
      These are beautiful examples of the future tense. In these cases, you use “am going to” instead of “will”. It can look really similar to Present Continuous because it has to be and a verb with -ING. The difference is that the real verb wih meaning is not the one with -ing.
      Your English was great! I just want to be clear that it isn’t the Present Continuous.
      I’m planning to look at this with the whole class on Monday. Thanks so much for your work!

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