Dictation: Can and Have To

Hello!  I’m sorry for the late post, but I wanted to give you listening practice.  I’m sorry if it’s difficult to use.  I had some problems with the technology.


Click here to listen. Then, click “play.”
Listen to my friends.  They will read you three sentences.
Write down what they say.

If you want to, type your answers into the comments.

Thank you for trying it!

3 thoughts on “Dictation: Can and Have To

  1. I can go dancing with you tomorrow.
    I can’t go for a walk right now. I have to do my homework first.
    I can’t babysit next monday. I have to go to english class.

  2. I can’t go to school monday, I have to go to New Mexico.
    I can go shopping tomorrow, with my daughter-in-law.
    I can’t miss school on tuesday, I have to go back home monday.

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